Professional References


 Richard Coyle

Consulting Member of the Technical Staff
Nokia Bell Labs

 I have collaborated with Fred successfully on several challenging electronic assembly projects. He is recognized across the industry as a subject matter expert in surface mount reflow in terms of processes, materials, and equipment. Additionally, he has deep expertise with other specialized, high temperature joining and bonding processes.

Ronald C. Lasky, Ph.D., PE
Instructional Professor, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College
Director, Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Instructor
Senior Technologist, Indium Corporation.

There are few people who know reflow as well as Fred. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he can explain difficult technical topics in a clear and easy to follow way. I would also want to have Fred on my SMT team!

MB (Marybeth) Allen,
Applications Manager, KIC

Fred Dimock has been an icon in the industry for many years. We have collaborated on reflow thermal projects and events internationally. Fred’s expertise also extends into high temperature applications, several of which we worked on years ago. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience and an remarkable resource. Working with Fred is always a pleasure since he has such a delightful personality and is always willing to provide insight, wisdom and a helping hand. I highly recommend Fred to consult and advise on new and challenging projects, including training and guidance.

Richard Wladkowski
Documentation Specialist
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

I worked with Fred for almost 15 years at BTU International, where I was a technical writer, and he was (and is) the Manager of Process Technology.

Fred is a tremendous asset, not only due to his knowledge and diligence but his approachability as well. Fred always makes time to answer questions and hear out ideas because he considers himself a member of a team with a common goal.

Kim Flanagan
Technical Support Engineer
Indium Corporation

Fred has an extensive wealth of knowledge on soldering reflow processes, profiling, and assembly materials and I have been fortunate enough to work with him and learn from his expertise. With many years’ experience as a reflow process expert, he has a well-rounded perspective of the entire assembly process and utilizes this knowledge to determine the best next step forward for his customers when troubleshooting or evaluating their needs. Fred truly cares for his customers and has a proven excellent track record of building and maintaining relationships with industry experts. He prioritizes those that need his support with quick and detailed responses and is always an absolute pleasure to work with..

Richard Nihan
Director of Student Services & Outplacement BSME – Visible Edge, Inc.

I have known Fred for over 10 years.

As the global engineering manager at BTU, I worked closely with him to develop custom furnaces and thermal process solutions for BTU International’s global customer base, that includes Intel, HP, Motorola, SCI, Solectron and many others.
Fred is a great communicator and leverages his broad range process experience with customers, engineering and all other departments cross functionally to achieve process solutions.
I have no doubt that Fred will be an excellent addition and a key member to any team.