Links to a few of Fred’s articles and papers

Many of the links will take you to the BTU International web site where you will be able to download the papers. We are working on ways to allow you to get these (and other) papers directly.

Operation of a Vacuum Reflow Oven with Preliminary Void Reduction Results – SMTAI

Maintaining Reflow Oven Performance while reducing costs – Electronics Production World

Reducing Reflow Oven Costs in a Challenging Economy – SMTA San Diego

Reflow Oven to Oven Repeatability – Circuits Assembly Magazine

Why Getting Reflow Oven Thermal Profiles Right is Important – Presented at ACI Technologies

Practical Thermal Profile Expectations in a Dual Lane dual Speed Reflow oven – Circuits Assembly

Solar Cell Process Temperature Measurements –Global Solar Tech

“Oven Adjustment Effects on a Solder Reflow Profile,” was the most viewed article in Circuits Assembly Magazine in 2009 and remained among the most viewed articles in 2010.

Maximizing Process Control with Controlled Convection Rates – Global SMT and Packaging

Effect of High Temperature Requirements for Lead Free Solder – Circuits Assembly

Lead Free Solder Wafer Bumping, Oven Control and Solder Material Consistency are Critical – Global SMT and Packaging

Oven Selection and Lead Free Solder – Global SMT & Packaging

Wafer Bump Reflow: Benefits of a Flux free Atmosphere – Industrial Heating Magazine