About Fred


Process Engineering, Manufacturing and Customer Service Professional
with experience in domestic and international customer support and sales.


Supporting assignments in Quality Control, Materials, Research, Personnel, Finance, and Marketing.


 Technical background in machine design, glass, and ceramics.


Fred Dimock is the former Manager of Process Technology at BTU International in North Billerica, Massachusetts and principle of Fred C Dimock Global Services based in Raleigh North Carolina. 

He holds an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and a Bachelor’s Degree in Ceramic Engineering from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Alfred. His extensive experience in thermal processing and manufacturing includes positions at Corning, General Electric, and Osram-Sylvania before joining BTU International.

In 2020 he found that he was available for consulting on a limited basis and started Fred C Dimock Global Services focusing on thermal processes and profiling. His experience in domestic and international customer support and sales, process research, engineering, Quality Control, Materials, Personnel, Finance, Marketing, and Manufacturing gives him a unique ability to work with cross functional groups to obtain positive results.

He has assisted many companies with process refinements, and has authored numerous articles on lead free solder, process control, and the operation of continuous furnaces. Additionally, he is considered to be a thermal profiling expert by his colleagues and a highly rated SMTA instructor with over 40 papers, presentations, webinars, workshops, and publications that have been given Worldwide
His papers have been published in English, Chinese, Spanish, and German. He received “The Best Vendor Presentation” award at the East China SMTA conferences in 2011 and 2012.

He participated in the 5-45 Subcommittee for the development of IPC-7801 Reflow Oven Process Control Standard and wrote the chapter on solder reflow for the Handbook of Electronic Assembly and A Guide to SMTA Certification edited by Dr Lasky and Jim Hall.

He recently received Distinguished Speaker status at SMTA Guadalajara Mexico and is a key presenter for the SMTA Jump Start program for new engineers.

He is a member of a vacuum reflow void reduction team that recently completed an in-depth experiment at the Universal Instruments Advanced Process Laboratory and conducts Vacuum Reflow Workshops at ACI Technologies.